Seniors Discounts always count

       Discounts are available everywhere helping seniors get the best deals and affordable prices to help cut the high costs of living, and to avoid spending too much money to purchase a particular item or to go out to eat or enjoy a movie. Discounts are offered on the internet at various sites like Groupon, and LivingSocial that provide the consumer with great shopping, dining, recreational and travel ideas around their area. Just like these discounts are offered to everyone that is under the age of 65 there are also many more discounts that are given to senior citizens. Seniors are able to receive a variety of discounts to help them going. The collection of discounts includes those of living like utilities, insurance, recreation and leisure. These discounts assist seniors by keeping them shopping, traveling and maintaining an active lifestyle despite the cost of living and their fixed incomes. Discounts are beneficial in aiding seniors into spending money but saving money in the process.
      The average monthly social security benefit that is offered to a retired working adult is 1,230 dollars. Seems like plenty of money, however most of this income is used to pay off bills, rent and groceries. Consequently, the income is considered fixed because it is initially the same amount every month. Seniors or older adults are looking to retire worry free without any debt and plenty of savings, however on a fixed income and alongside the cost of living these dreams get washed out quickly and many older adults now fear retirement instead of anticipating it (Crystal, 2012 pg 1). The average income for retired adults is 29,000 a year and is slowly declining each year due to the failing economy (Crystal, 2012 pg 1). Thus discounts come into play to ensure that seniors can save more then they spend and be happier about what they are spending their precious money on.
     The cost of living keeps rising and many older adults that are retired do not make enough money to afford living in their own homes. “The average cost of senior living varies by state and region, but expenses are going up across the board for the basics seniors need every month”(RKT, 2012). Seniors that are eligible to recieve discounts because of their age will accept most discounts for housing insurance courtesy of AAA, State Farm and AARP. Besides, housing insurance most older adults buy groceries and need the basic living necessities that help make them comfortable like food and clothes. “Senior discounts vary widely, with some offered as early as age 50. The size of the discounts also varies, with 10 percent about average. And they apply to a broad array of products and services, from groceries and property taxes to cellphone service and skydiving” (Price, 2012 pg. 1). Retail stores like banana republic, Ross and the Goodwill offer at least 10% on a selected day to accommodate those that are as young as 50 and over (“Senior discounts: 100 ,” 2012).
          Seniors are eligible for discounts to travel and go out for dining and entertainment. Most seniors that have stopped driving take public transportation and recieve special discounts especially in the bay area to ride on Bart, Muni and AC Transit. The fares for this transportation lines are adjusted so that seniors can ride at half price or at a fixed price per ticket. Seniors are able to get around at a cheaper rate to attend various activities or to run errands. Seniors that like to travel inside the United States or internationally are given many discounts by airlines like American Airline and also Amtrak offers a discount to travel by train.Various restaurants like Denny’s offer the famous “early bird specials”  to dine out. As well as many restaurants offering other types of senior discounts to have seniors come and eat out to enjoy time with family and friends at cheaper prices. If seniors and children are present then a family is able to save a good amount of money to dine out or travel.
          Ultimately seniors are given many different discounts in order to live on their fixed incomes and savings. Senior discounts are beneficial in helping older adults afford the basic necessities that they have and to help them get around town and stay active. Without discounts many older adults would struggle with the high costs of living and not be able to enjoy life. Discounts are available to them just like every other age group to keep Seniors and others motivated to get out and spend money a little wiser.
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